Cecily Robinson

NadfasCecily first joined Ironart in 2013 when the NADFAS (National Association of the Decorative and Fine Art Societies) Grants Committee awarded us a grant from the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund. The grant allowed us to open up a six month ‘Historic Metalwork Restoration’ training placement which Cecily completed.
Cecily completed the Extended Diploma in Metalwork and Blacksmithing at The National School of Blacksmithing in Hereford, and was recognized with their ‘Best Student Award.’
Cecily is a Larkhall local, having grown up here. She was inspired to explore blacksmithing when she visited Master Blacksmith Don Barker’s Forge.
Since that placement, Cecily has worked in the UK and carried out a journeymanship in the USA and we have happily welcomed her back to the team here in Larkhall. She particularly enjoys making furniture and has recently aided Andy in researching and developing new prototypes.

Cecilie Fire welding

Click on the above image to watch a short film of Cecily firewelding at Ironart

Cecilie Robinson Cecilie Robinson - lead casting Cecilie restoring Coalbrookedale bench (3)