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We can make railings to conform to any landscape accommodating curves, slopes and other irregularities. Matching gates can be harmoniously incorporated into a section of railings. *We’ve created a short video of the team at work individually leading-in a set of traditional railings. To watch it CLICK HERE.

Railings can be made either as separate bars that are posted through a punched top strap and individually set into coping stones* or as panels. Finials come in many shapes and sizes. We make all our own forged finials, these are hammered hot into the end of the uprights. Please also look at Balustrades where you’ll find many more designs.  Because every project is made to individual requirements there are no standard price for railings.  We always like to discuss your project on site, we can give you an idea of price, which we will follow up with a full written quote. Please get in touch.