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The Sun Flower sculpture was designed by Andy Thearle of Ironart and was hand crafted by our team of highly skilled artist blacksmiths here in Bath. The design of this piece was informed by Andy’s love of the natural world, geometry, and engineering, and it continues his exploration of forms and processes used in his everyday work as an architectural ironworker. He says of this piece of work:

“I had a completely open brief for this sculpture which wasn’t conceived as a literal manifestation of a flower but as an homage to the sun, a universal force radiating its energy to us all. The sculpture represents life and growth, the fire that blacksmiths work with, and an opportunity to fuse traditional blacksmithing skills with contemporary design” 

The Sun Flower is made from mild steel which has been galvanized (coated in molten zinc) to protect it from the elements. The paint used was from the Ardenbrite metallic paint range. It stands 4.7m high x 4.5m at its widest point and weighs approximately 750kg. It stems from a 450mm base which is attached to 1800kg of underground ballast. The tricky installation was carried out by a team of five people, using a purpose-built 4.5m high gantry bolted to the foundations. They used a block and tackle, combined with good old fashioned man power and ingenuity to erect it!

For more information go to or call Andy on 01225 311 273