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We can make handrails to conform to any landscape, interior or exterior, accommodating stairs, irregular angles and curves. We have a reputation for successfully resolving difficult connections on site.

Handrails can be fixed directly into a wall or supported by posts. At Ironart we prefer to fix directly into the stone rather than use plate fixings which are unsightly and create a rust trap, please see our Buyer’s Guide. Handrails generally come in circular, convex or rectangular sections. We finish our handrails with a choice of hot forged scroll designs. The end result should flow evenly to a graceful conclusion.

Because each handrail is made to individual requirements there are no standard prices for designs. However, if you’re interested in discussing the project on site with us, we’ll be able to give you an idea of price, which we will follow up with a written quote. Please call us on  01225 311273 or email us to arrange a meeting.