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1020mm wide
500mm depth
1020mm high

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A beautifully appointed bench with delicate details. This is an heirloom piece that will stand the test of time.

Look closely there is a total lack of modern welding. Instead you’ll see the hallmarks of master craftsmen – traditional blacksmithing joining techniques such as tenoning, rivetting, hot punching and peining to secure each of the component parts. Making these benches is a really exacting process, every piece is delicately forged to fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces. Our blacksmiths reduce some of the sections meticulously to half width so that they overlap seamlessly. Each of the D-shaped bars that form the seat slot neatly into the side straps which are notched out to accept the horizontal section and then peened to bite securely to the frame without a hint of welding. Peining is the action of accurately striking metal (usually cold) with a rounded hammer to spread and tighten a connection.

Note the ‘reeded’ steel profile on the seat, back and legs – you’ll only see this used on high quality Regency antique garden furniture. 

These benches are fully galvanized for rust-proof longevity and ease of maintenance, before they are painted in your choice from our range of finishes. These pieces are the antiques of the future and will give pleasure in your garden for generations to come.

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