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Dyrham Park

In 2011 the team here at Ironart completed a prestigious project on behalf of the National Trust at Dyrham Park in Wiltshire. Matthew Ward, National Trust Head Gardener for Bath & South Cotswolds writes….

“The Clair Voie project at Dyrham garden came about as part of the overall development of the west garden there. This is a long term project to add interest to the garden by introducing elements from different periods of the garden and also make some innovations of our own. In the 17th century a very elaborate formal design was carried out, a plan by Kip shows parterres, terraces, canals as well as paths and driveways linking the features. A walled courtyard existed close to the stable block, over the years most of the features of this scheme disappeared and the garden experienced fluctuating fortunes with different owners. The original walls have been replaced with yew hedging to reintroduce formality in this area. Clair Voies are clearly visible in the Kip engraving, they offered a glimpse through to the lower pool gardens.

The National Trust commissioned Ironart to reproduce the railings using other iron work in the garden as a model to copy. Now they have been installed the result is impressive. When the Yew hedge has grown to its full height of 2.metres the view down will be blocked except for where the ironwork offers a glimpse through. We are very pleased with the standard of work and attention to detail and would not hesitate to recommend Ironart to anyone needing this type of work carrying out.”