Unusual railings at Chalford, Stroud

We often repair railings after cars and vans have collided with them, and here’s a good example. We made repairs to a set of lovely and unusual railings in Chalford, near Stroud a few weeks ago. These railings are cast iron and of high quality, sadly they had been damaged by a large vehicle. One whole section of railings had snapped off just above the lead collars, the top strap had broken off and so had the forged and cast finials.

The restoration team, headed up by Martin Smith carried out the works, pictured here is Cecilie Robinson (our NADFAS grant student) who is understudying Martin at the moment. This one proved to be a real head-scratcher, with Martin and Cecilie working out the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle in the workshop!

If you would like to talk to us about the restoration and repair of wrought iron or cast iron railings, please get in touch, we’re happy to give advice and guide you in the right direction.